Here are some other related sites you might find interesting and helpful for your practice.

Be A Wealthy Therapist: Casey's website offers a wealth of information to help you build or further develop your private practice. She has a variety of free as well as fee services. You can sign up for her special report, “Top 10 ways to talk about what you do so people say, ‘I want that!'” Also look for her free marketing teleclasses and free audios.

The Couples Center of the Pioneer Valley: This center on the East Coast uses Ellyn and Pete's model and techniques exclusively and provides training in them for therapists. Resources to Inspire Therapists. In-depth interviews and psychotherapy videos with Master Therapists (Yalom, Meichenbaum, Ellis, Kernberg, Gottman, Insoo Kim Berg, Bugental, Polster and others), jargon free articles, therapy cartoons, and much more.


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